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Video Emerges Of Delonte West Being Beat Up On The Streets And Handcuffed

Delonte West Handcuffs

Things have gone in in an extremely bad direction in the life of former NBA player Delonte West. Two seperate vidoes today show him in a state that really just breaks your heart. The first video appears to show Delonte being beat up and assaulted on the high way. A report from Complex Sports confirms that this was in Washington DC.

Later on you a video emerged of Delonte West handcuffed and talking in incoherently to the officers. Literally in horrid shape.

Delonte West’s family has stated numerous times that he is going through mental issues and has some serious mental health problems. And from the video above you can really see he is a man who is going through something serious. This is heartbreaking from a man who made millions playing basketball and being a first round pick to this video it really just breaks your heart. Let’s all hope that Delonte gets some help or the NBA steps in and helps before it’s too late.

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