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Phillip Rivers Has Moved His Whole Family Of 9 Kids To Florida

(Schefter“Philip Rivers has moved “permanently” from San Diego to Florida to be closer to his family, the free-agent quarterback texted to ESPN on Sunday morning.

“What this means football-wise is to be determined but it was time for us to move back closer to home,” Rivers said in the text message.

While his family settles in in the South, Rivers’ football future is unsettled. He is a free agent this offseason, and it appears that he and the Los Angeles Chargers are going their own directions.”

This could be the end of the Phillip Rivers era in Southern California. Actually, let’s just face the facts this is the end of the Phillip Rivers era in the NFL. Kind of weird times here, I grew up with Phil Rivers and Eli Manning and both seem to be at the end of the road. If Tom Brady also leaves the Patriots somehow, then everything I have come to know as QBs change. This makes me feel old.


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