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A Bettor Is Ready To Risk $1 Million On The Titans To Beat The Chiefs

$1 Million dollar bet titans

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is becoming an internet legend for his gambling prowess . The Houston furniture store owner, who has become famous for his bets on the Houston Astros over the last couple of years, is getting ready to put some big money on The NFL this week.

According to ESPN’s David Payne Purdum, McIngvale plans to bet $1 million on the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship game at Kansas City. McIngvale wants nothing to do with the spread, as he reportedly is going to make a pair of $500,000 money-line bets instead. He will be flying to Mississippi on Sunday to place the wagers. This is after he tweeted that he was looking to find someone to take his bets.

Whoa. If you are not familiar with the dude he won a ton of money on The Cheating Houston Astros the last few years. And now, he’s ready to unload the house on The Titans.

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