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LSU Is Investigating The $100 Bills OBJ Gave Players After Winning The National Championship


After the LSU defeated Clemson to win The National Championship on Monday night, Odell Beckham Jr. (who played college at LSU) was seen passing out $100 bills to players on the team.

LSU however at first claimed it was just “fake money”:

SOURCE“It was a joke,” LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson first told reporters Tuesday. “The bills were fake bills.”

Well oops, maybe not. I’m sure that The NCAA offices freaked out after seeing this. Now LSU is investigating whether or not OBJ was handing out real $100 bills after the game.Even the person who initially posted the video has gone private on Twitter.

This guy seems to be the same guy who also was speaking French to Coach O after the game:

Maybe Coach O told him in French to delete that video too. Who knows. But I’m assuming that OBJ didn’t show up to The National Championship game with a wad of fake $100 bills to pass out and flaunt to the players. They probably were real, and yes it’s an NCAA violation that probably should be ignored by The NCAA.

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