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Julian Edelman Arrested In LA

Julian Edelman Arrested

Source – New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested Saturday night in Beverly Hills, California, and cited for misdemeanor vandalism, according to police.

Edelman, 33, allegedly jumped on the hood of a Mercedes on Saturday. After the arrest, he was later released by police. In a statement, police said that Edelman is scheduled to appear at Airport Courthouse on April 13.

Former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce posted a picture on Instagram last night of him, Edelman, and former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola in Beverly Hills.

Man Julian Edelman. Glad to know that he didn’t get arrested for anything that serious. But in general jumping on a hood of a Benz is kind of a weird reason to get arrested. We need more information here. Look, it’s pretty exclusive to go out in Beverly Hills, and not only did Julian go out in LA but he decided to jump on a hood of a Mercedes Benz. I guess this is what happens when your team loses this early in the playoffs for the first time. You have no idea what to do with all this free time and you go get arrested. Anyways, nothing that serious but still an arrest needs to be reported.

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