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JJ Watt Is Mad That A Houston News Station Didn’t Use Kealia Ohai’s Name Which Is His Fiancee

Watt Fiancee

JJ Watt has a bone to pick with ABC13 Houston as he called the news station out on twitter when his soccer star fiancee was Kealia Ohai was traded from Houston To Chicago. Instead of using her name the headline simply wrote “Houston Dash trade J.J. Watt’s fiancee to Chicago”.

Watt went on twitter and bashed the newspaper saying:

This headline is trash. Kealia Ohai (which is her name by the way, since you didn’t even bother to mention it) is incredible entirely on her own merit and deserves to be treated as such. Be better than this.

Which he is absolutely right. It would have been proper of them to use her name. But they probably were looking for clicks and probably thought most people knew who Watt was. Doesn’t excuse them but that’s probably their reasoning. The weird thing is I’m Watt I’m also mad at that Houston traded her to a different city. Could have kept her in the same city as Watt. Here is some pictures from her Instagram.

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