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Couple’s Fight Goes Viral Because She Wouldn’t Buy Him Red Lobster

Red Lobster Text Fight

A text message thread of a couple breaking up due to the women not buy the man Red Lobster has gone viral. And it’s interesting say the least.

If you don’t want to click on the whole thread on twitter here are some photos of the conversation which you never know on these days is real or fake.


Whoa. I mean you got to give the man The Red Lobster he deserves. I mean for god’s sake he ate Red Lobster 4 times a week last year. It’s pretty funny he’s freaking out over The Red Lobster, I’m going to assume he’s been trying to break up with her and this was just the best and only way. Let’s just freak out over Red Lobster. Perfect excuse. She later went on Twitter and added some more clarity to their “relationship”.

“Let me tell you I know I deserve to eat Red Lobster.”

2020 ladies and gentlemen.

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