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Bruce Arians Confrims That Jameis Winston Needs Glasses; Can’t See That Well

Jameis Winston Squinting

Jameis Winston had one of the best and worst seasons at the same time. He became the first player ever to throw for 30 TDs and 30 INTs in the same season. And today it seems like Bruce Arians is done with the Jameis Winston experience:

Well, that doesn’t bode well for Jameis’s future in Tampa. Just read that quote by Arians again. The guys seems finished.

For those who follow our podcast you know how I feel about Jameis Winston. One of my favorite QBs ever and someone I find wildly entertaining. Maybe glasses and a move to Chicago to become The Bears QB would fix all of this. Let’s just hope but it seems like Jameis’s time in Tampa could be coming to an end.

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