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Marvin Lewis Somehow Is A Candidate For The Redskins Job

Marvin Lewis Candidate

NBCSW – Multiple sources have told NBC Sports Washington that Marvin Lewis could be a top candidate. The former Bengals head coach is now an assistant at Arizona State University, but he has previous coaching experience with the Redskins as a defensive coordinator in 2002 and is said to have a solid relationship with Washington owner Dan Snyder and others in Ashburn.

Alright, so here is the thing. Marvin Lewis seems like a great man. Also Marvin Lewis took the Bengals to a ton of postseason appearances. But what can Marvin Lewis not do? He can’t win playoff games, this is as mediocre as it gets. If you want a bunch of 9-7 and 10-6 finishes with one and done playoff exits then Marvin Lewis is your man. But, if you are a Redskin fan I’m sure you are looking for bigger and better things.

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