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Rich Hill And His Wife Got Arrested Outside The Patriots Game Saturday

Rich Hill And Wife

Rich Hill and his wife got arrested outside The Patriots game Saturday, and whenever you see a headline like that you think the worst. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bad especially because Rich Hill and his wife are known to be some of the most sincerely nice people in all the baseball world:


Richard J. Hill, a veteran pitcher for several Major League baseball teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox, and his wife were arrested outside Gillette Stadium Saturday after Caitlin A. Hill repeatedly tried to enter the stadium with an oversized bag and then refused to leave the grounds when ordered to do so by Foxborough police, police said Monday.

Richard Hill was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting when he allegedly tried to stop police from putting his wife into a prisoner transport vehicle for a ride to the police station for booking on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges, according to police.

“She was trying to enter the stadium with an oversized bag and she had been told several times, ‘no,’ “ said Robert Bolger, chief administrator for Foxborough police. “She tried several times to go to a different gate. She was ordered to leave the property.”

When Caitlin Hill refused to leave the grounds of the stadium, she was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing, Bolger said. Officers were putting Caitlin Hill into a prisoner transport van for the trip to the Foxborough station for booking when Richard Hill intervened with police, Bolger said.

Well, honestly this is a bit of hero ball by Rich. You see your wife having maybe one too many White Claws and is getting arrested. So instead of being level headed you try to save her. Be the hero, instead you end up in the can as well. Thankfully this is not too bad of a story. Whenever you hear about a husband and wife arrest you sometimes tend to think the worst. But in this situation seems like an honest misunderstanding and a case of Rich Hill’s wife thinking she can get away with anything because her husband is a major league baseball player.

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