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Eli Manning And Daniel Jones Spotted At Bar Playing Flip Cup

Eli Manning & Daniel Jones

Eli Manning showing Daniel Jones how to get it done in more ways then you can imagine. Following a overtime win on Sunday against The Redskins the two New York Giants QBs were spotted having a night out in Hoboken, New Jersey at Green Rock Tap & Grill.

“Although we’ll always Bleed Blue…Eli, Saquon, Daniel ‘Dimes’, and Reggie were Green Rocking last night,” Green Rock’s bartender posted to Instagram, noting Saquon Barkley and rookie receiver Reggie White Jr. were also in attendance.

What do you do if you are at the bar and all the sudden you see Eli Manning and Daniel Jones playing flip cup? It’s nice to see Manning having a good relationship with the younger QB. And what did the Giants head coach Pat Shurmur think of all this? Simply he said:

“They are grown men and they look after each other and they were celebrating a victory,” Shurmur said before wisecracking, “They should’ve invited me.”


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