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Video: Isaiah Thomas Enters Stands To To Confront Fan Who Gave Him Middle Finger; Fan Just Wanted A Free Frosty

Isaiah Thomas Free Frosty

Interesting situation we have on our hands here as Isaiah Thomas went into a stands to confront a fan who raised both middle fingers at him and swore at him. Here’s Isaiah addressing the situation:

Here’s the thing. It’s absolutely ridiculous that fans feel like they can yell at players all they want with no repercussions. Fans forget these guys are human too. On the other hand, if he missed both free throws the fans in Philly would have all got free frostys. This was in Philadelphia, and I mean Philly fans are known to be free harsh and you are playing with a man’s free frosty the stakes are high. It was a high stake second free throw. Isaiah should have just Venmoed him for a free frosty and called it day.

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