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Now The Internet Is Claiming The Ravens Are Taping Sidelines

Ravens Taping Sidelines

Well leave it to the internet to begin controversies that the NFL itself hasn’t really been investigating yet. On Twitter today, fans are beginning to question whether or not The Baltimore Ravens may or may not be cheating and taping sidelines of opponents.

The Ravens 360 being referred to here is this remarkable piece of technology that is similar to the view you can get with VR goggles. As the name implies, the full 360 degrees. Here’s a video example and, if it gets taken down, click here to check it out for yourself.

Pretty interesting here. It’s obvious that this technology can literally pick up anything. Is this mean The Ravens are cheating? Who knows. But this is the type of technology and tape that would help someone cheat. And if this was The Patriots you already know that this would be the world’s biggest dream.

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