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SI ‘Sportsperson of the Year’ Megan Rapinoe Slams Sports Illustrated

Megan Rapinoe Slams SI

Megan Rapinoe won the Sports Illustrated ‘Sports Person of The Year’ and she however didn’t hold back criticizing the magazine for her being only the fourth women to receive the honor of being named the best athlete of the year.

“Am I only the fourth woman worthy of this honor in 60 years?” Rapinoe asked the sold-out crowd at the SI event at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Monday night. “I don’t think so,” she added.

For good measure, Rapinoe then blasted FIFA, soccer’s governing body, for failing to offer women athletes the same pay as men, despite the American women’s winning track record.

Everyone is untitled to their own opinion here. However, I have to lean on the side that Megan Rapinoe should be thankful for the award and maybe voice criticism of things she knows more about. Sports Illustrated is under new ownership (Maven, the current operator of the Sports Illustrated magazine and websites, took over in October after agreeing to pay SI’s new owner, Authentic Brands Group, $45 million as a down payment on a 10-year licensing deal.) So it’s almost a bit unfair for her to make things political in a moment where for one she WON the award and for TWO she isn’t aware of the structure of the award she is receiving. Still, does she deserve the award? Absolutely. But we should be applauding the strides we are making not always bashing the world every single time a microphone is given.

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