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Kawhi Leonard Bought a $6.7 Million Penthouse Across The Street From Staples Center

Kawhi Leonard Penthouse

According to The Los Angeles Times, Leonard has purchased a huge 4,280 square foot penthouse in Los Angeles which is right across the street from the Staples Center. The whole place cost the Clippers star a whopping $6.725 million and could prove to be quite the sound investment…

Well the best part of it is that this literally screams Kawhi Leonard, buying a penthouse that allows him to literally walk 3 minutes to the stadium for work.

Kawhi Walk To Staples Center

The three-time all-star, who was previously seen scoping out homes on the Westside of L.A., purchased the penthouse through a limited liability company managed by his uncle, Dennis Robertson. Last year, he used another corporate entity to buy a five-acre estate in Rancho Santa Fe for $13 million.

Well, besides the fact that this is a close walk and good investment, the look of the penthouse is pretty sweet itself, good work Kawhi.

Kawhi Penthouse 1 Kawhi Penthouse 2 Kawhi Penthouse 3 Kawhi Penthouse 4 Kawhi Penthouse 5 Kawhi Penthouse 6 Kawhi Penthouse 7 Kawhi Penthouse 8 Kawhi Penthouse 9 Kawhi Penthouse 10

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