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Spygate Part 2? NFL Is Investigating The Patriots Taping The Bengals Sideline

Spygate Two

The NFL is investigating whether or not the Patriots were videotaping the Cincinnati Bengals play calls on Sunday. Which obviously is a big deal due to to The Patriots history of having similar violations.

The Bengals head coach Zac Taylor had no comment on the situation when as ked today but he was aware of it:

Right now this is completely early to tell if their are any legs to this story but ESPNs Adam Schefter doesn’t believe the Patriots are in trouble here because according to Adam the scout was being filmed and not doing the filming.

Who knows if this has any legs but could you just imagine the ramifications if they it’s true and The Patriots are caught cheating again. This time you can only imagine what kind of hammer the NFL would put down on Bill Belichick and The rest of The Patriots organization.

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