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NFL Reporter Jane Slater Caught Her BF Cheating Using A FitBit And Tracking Activity Levels

Jane Slater Fitbit

In what is actually one of the dumbest ways to be a cheater. NFL reporter Jane Slater shared a story on Twitter about an ex boyfriend who bought her a fitibit for Christmas. They shared their activity levels and then at 4 AM and he wasn’t home his activity levels were “spiking up”, so of course he was cheating.

Look cheating is bad. And there’s no way to make any excuses here, nor am I giving any life tips BUT. If you are going to go meet up with your sidepiece, make sure you didn’t give your girl at home direct access to your physical activity. Makes no sense. I am pretty sure a 90-120 burst of heart rate followed by calm levels and maybe some sleep are signs of red flags. You are going to have a tough time convincing here you were doing high intensity training. Arguing Jordan vs LeBron with friends at the bar or being chased on the streets by someone who is trying to physically harm you. The biggest mistake though? Cheating on someone as gorgeous as Jane Slater:

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