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Do You Believe In Miracles? Russia Is Banned For Cheating From The Olympics & Major International Events

Russia banned from olympics

Well we’ve known The Russians have cheated before. And what is the old saying? “Once a cheater, always a cheater?”. Well this applies to Russians and doping scandals as The Russians are banned from all major international sports competitions including The Olympics and The World Cup.

CNN – The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has unanimously agreed to ban Russia from major international sporting competitions — notably the Olympics and the World Cup — for four years over doping non-compliance.

WADA’s compliance review committee (CRC) had suggested several sanctions because of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency’s (RUSADA) failure to cooperate fully during probes into Russian sport.

WADA’s executive committee decided to uphold the recommendations at a meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland on Monday…

…If upheld, WADA’s decision means Russia will be unable to compete in events such as next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo as well as the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022. It will also be unable to host any major sporting events.

The only event Russia isn’t banned from is The 2020 Euro cup because it’s not considered a “major international event”.

Well, I’d say that’s too bad but no it’s not. Want to know a little bit of a fun fact? Russia still has never won an Olympic gold in hockey. They have won as The Soviet Union or last year as the “Olympic Athletes from Russia”. This doesn’t mean that no athletes will be able to compete but means more that they won’t be able to compete under this flag. At this point Russia won’t stop cheating. In a way you got to respect their ability to just not give a damn. But, as always they got caught.

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