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OBJ Reportedly Has Told Players And Coaches He Wants Out Of Cleveland

Odell Beckham Wants Out Of Cleveland

Well looks like things aren’t going to smooth in Cleveland. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Beckham hasn’t been trying to hide the fact that he wants out of Cleveland. Apparently, the Browns receiver has been going up to opposing coaches before games and telling them to “‘come get me, come get me.'” According to Glazer, Beckham also also been saying the same thing to other players.

Can’t say I am absolutely shocked by this news. Odell Beckham Jr is the most typical diva wide receiver. He talks too much, he’s more concerned with off field stuff than on field production and somehow with all the talk you get about OBJ his teams don’t really win. Maybe he’ll find himself in New England and plays with Tom Brady and that’ll turn his career around. But this quick demise of The Cleveland Browns was so predictable and so easy to see and here we are with turmoil not even through one season.

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