Jalen Ramsey Wins The Fakest Tough Guy In Sports Award

Jalen Ramsey Fake Tough Guy

I might be a few days late on this, but whatever. Jalen Ramsey is absolutely the fakest tough guy in sports. We all know by now that The Baltimore Ravens went to Los Angeles and absolutely demolished The Rams. After the game former Ram Marcus Peters and new Ram Jalen Ramsey starting exchanging words and of course, well known pansy Jalen Ramsey went at at Marcus Peters with his helmet still on because he wanted nothing to actually do with Marcus Peters (Peters is a real tough guy).

After the initial approach Jalen Ramsey did the best “hold me back” attempt of all time.

Look at that. Even his teammates know how much of a pansy and fake tough dude Jalen Ramsey is. Here is the best part watch Jalen in the tunnel still acting like he is going to do something.


Maybe I am being bit harsh calling Jalen Ramsey a pansy because he would absolutely demolish me in a fight. However, I have to admit the guy is for one. Annoying as hell. And for two all I ever hear about is Jalen Ramsey running his mouth and not actually doing anything about it. So yeah. Jalen Ramsey is the official fake tough guy in sports.

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