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Michael Jordan Once Drank 10 Beers, Played 36 Holes Than Scored 52 Later That Day

Michael Jordan Scores 52 After 36 Holes Of Golf

So former NHL star Jeremy Roenick told a legendary gambling story about how Michael Jordan put up 52 points and The Chicago Bulls won by 20 points. But earlier in the day he and Mike played 36 holes of gold and crushed at least 10 beers according to Roenick on his appereance on The McNeil & Parkins show on 670 The Score:

The best part of the story Is Michael Jordan totally hustling Roenick after Roenick knows Jordan is drunk and Mike bets him that he would beat the Cavaliers and score more than 40. And he went out in did that. Michael Jordan must be some kind of alien. Most people can barely get out of bed the next morning after drinking beer and playing 18 holes of golf. Jordan did 36 crushed 10 beers then went out and scored 52 and won by 20. Just more evidence that MJ was just different.

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