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Jimmy G Might Be Have A New VIP Bottle Service Girlfriend

Jimmy G VIP Bottle Service Girlfriend

Jimmy G has a had a huge come up. From being the backup QB for The New England Patriots, to going on dates with porn stars, to completely making Erin Andrews blush, The 49ers QB also has his team undefeated and sitting on top of The NFL. Now, reports are stating that he is off the market once again thanks to a bottle service girl from Sacramento:

In some bad news.. her Instagram is private. Which in reality is actually a good thing but bad because we don’t have that many pictures of her.

But with some proper investigation Jimmy Garoppolo is following her:

Using some proper investigation skills however, you will be lucky to find out we do have some photos of her:

Who knows how true all of this. You know the internet. But where there is smoke there is fire. So anyways, us being a Seattle based sports company this makes me like The Seattle Seahawks to win more today. Why? Because distractions or something. I’m just kidding. But in all seriousness I think Russell Wilson on Monday Night should be able to get the job done in Santa Clara.

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