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Redskins Misdiagnosed Trent William’s Cancer And No One From Redskins Visited Him In The Hospital

Trent Williams Cancer

Well here’s some crazy Washington Redskins and Trent Williams news. Turns out he had cancer 6 years ago and the team misdiagnosed him and told him that it was all good. Horrible mixup. But guess what? At least the team was with him through the process after misdiagnosing him.. actually just kidding they weren’t. This is an absolute horrid story on how to treat your players and this is all coming out today. Trent Williams said he had a rare form of cancer (DFSP) and nearly lost his life. illiams says the growth on his head was found 5-6 years ago, but the Redskins medical staff diagnosed it as “something minor.”

Unreal. Completely classic. What a pathetic front office. No Bruce Allen, no medical staff. Nothing! And he said he has no desire to ever play for The Redskins again:

Well of course The Redskins tried to mend the relationship during this holdout right? Nope. Wrong once again.

And of course the media was reporting that the reason Trent Williams failed his physical was because he couldn’t find a comfortable helmet so… is that true?

Yeah, this would make anyone dislike The Washington Redskins organization. But I almost couldn’t believe the story beause how classless can an organization be? Well, it looks like The Redskins are classless as it gets. I don’t blame Trent Williams one bit for not wanting to play for them. Hopefully, he gets released and gets to play for a team that knows how to treat their players soon.

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