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Video: Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns Square Up In 76ers Vs T’Wolves Game

Joel Embiid And KAT fight

We don’t get too many NBA fights. And as usual an NBA fight occurs but is stopped quickly. But during Wednesday’s game between The Minnesota Timberwolves and Philadelphia 76ers Karl Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid squared up and went at it before quickly being stopped by teammates and officials.

Embiid was abusing KAT so KAT got pissed. This is fun because it’s two of the best big men in th game. The 76ers so far look like world beaters this season and here’s the thing and why I got to say this is great. Joel Embiid really doesn’t seem to like anyone in the league and he’s the rare modern day superstar who beefs with everyone and I got to say I like that! It’s a rare breath of fresh hair in a modern day NBA where everyeone wants to hug and shake hands after games. No Joel is going to fight you and abuse you. Got to love it. He even showboats after getting ejected.

I got to admit. Give me more moments like this from Joel Embiid and let’s start the Embiid for MVP campaign now.


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