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LeBron James Sends Taco Truck to California Getty Fire First Responders

LeBron James Taco Truck

A superstar on the court, and today a superstar off the court. While LeBron James has taken a lot of heat lately when it comes to off court comments on the NBA China situation, you can’t help but be thankful he does things like he did today. The Los Angeles Lakers star is being affected from the Getty California fires just as much as everyone else is, so he thought he could do something special.

Source (Heavy)“It’s just challenging at that hour, getting my family, getting my kids, getting everybody and having to evacuate at such a rapid rate,” James said, who after getting an evacuation alert at 1:30 a.m., packed up and found temporary lodgings at around 4 a.m. Monday morning. “You don’t really have much time to think about what you can get, or what you can do.”

However, as Los Angeles firefighters worked through the night to squash the blaze that has already burned through 600 acres, at least eight homes, and caused damage to six, James found that there was something he could do. According to ESPN reporter, Dave McMenamin who tweeted, “Hearing that LeBron James has sent a taco truck to feed lunch to the first responders fighting the Getty Fire today at their base camp. James, this morning, had this to say about their efforts: “It’s an amazing job what they do and their commitment with what’s going on right now.”

According the the Los Angeles Fire Department official alert page, which continuously updated, as of October 29, the Getty Fire remained at 5 percent containment. Nearly 7,091 residences have been included in the Mandatory Evacuation Zone. Palisades Recreation Shelter is open to take in misplaced residents, as is the Westwood Recreation Center.

Written by Sami Jarjour

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