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Student Calls In A Bomb Threat Because His Buddy Was Losing A “Large Bet” During LSU Vs. UF

Student calls in bomb threat during LSU vs Florida

So an Alabama student called in a bomb threat to LSU Stadium Saturday. This was during an LSU versus University of Florida game. He was obviously arrested.

Today more information on why he called in a bomb threat and bomb threats aren’t funny but this is hilarious:

SOURCE-Connor Bruce Croll, 19, of Crozet, Virginia, was arrested and jailed Sunday as a “fugitive from justice.” He faces unspecified charges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

According to a police affidavit obtained by WBRZ in Baton Rouge, Croll told police that he called in a bomb threat during the Tigers’ 42-28 win because a friend was “on the verge of losing a large bet.”

I would love to be the police interrogating this idiot. I mean I wonder what or how or why this happened. I mean calling in a bomb threat is an absolute desperate move to stop a bet. I have so many questions but the most important question being.. How big was the bet?

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