“He’s Never Been On A Knee” Miami Dolphins Coach Responds By Blaring Jay-Z After Kenny Stills Comments

So you might remember that Kenny Stills made a statement the other day ripping Jay-z for taking a large sum of money from the NFL to try to make the National Anthem problem go away:

Well, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores had the last laugh (or statement) by playing a massive amount of Jay-Z songs during The Miami Dolphins practice. He literally played 5 songs in a row to begin the practice.

I have no idea if Brian Flores is a fan of Jay-Z or if Brian Flores even cares about Jay-Z but it seems like he was making a statement to get Kenny Stills to stop being a distraction. Does this look like a guy who wants distractions? I say no.

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins

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