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Video: Redskins Challenge Possibly The Worst Offensive PI Call In History: Call Stands?

During The Washington Redskins versus Cincinatti Bengals pre-season game on Thursday night; Dwayne Haskins threw what seemed like a normal incomplete pass. However, the refs threw a flag for offensive pass interference. Well now with instant replay it should be no big deal right? Well, Jay Gruden challenged the play and somehow the refs upheld the call? See it for yourself:

I mean isn’t this what instant replay is supposed to be for? Seriously, what replays were the refs watching? It’s a meaningless pre-season game for sure. And in hindsight the play doesn’t matter 1%, but it is concerning the incompetence that that the refs can display. This blatantly not a pass interference on the offensive. If this is a foreshadow for things to come after this season.. we could be in for a fan base, coach or team to have a colossal meltdown.

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