Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark For The Word “The”

This makes no sense to us. But somehow Ohio State thinks it can trademark the word “the”. No this is not a joke Ohio State wants to trademark the word “the”.


Ohio State University athletes and coaches who insist that you call it “THE Ohio State University” could soon have the federal government on their side after the university filed a request to trademark the word “the” last week.

Application No. 88571984, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, was discovered and publicized Tuesday by Josh Gerben, a prominent trademark lawyer in Washington. The application seeks a trademark on the single word “THE” for use on T-shirts and baseball caps and hats.

This story feels like it’s straight out of the onion. But we swear it’s not. They have filed for trademark and we’d like to assume that the United States patent office isn’t dumb enough to grant them this trademark.

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