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Nike Fires White Manager Who Racially Profiled Black Family

As most everyone probably already knows. Racial profiling happens more often that we’d like in this world. And in an California Nike store we had incident that led to a firing of an a manager. According to the Daily Mail:

Parents TaMiya Dickerson and Joel Stallworth say they were racially profiled at a Nike store in Santa Monica, California, on July 5 when a manager accused them of stealing a $12 basketball they'd purchased for their 18-month-old son Sammy (pictured)

Nike has fired the manager of one of its California stores after a black family accused the employee of racially profiling them when they were were accused of stealing a $12 basketball they’d purchased.

‘We have reached out to the family to express our deepest apologies,’ Nike said in an apology statement released on Friday, according to Click 2 Houston.

The company’s comments came two weeks after TaMiya Dickerson and Joel Stallworth took their 18-month-old son Sammy to a Nike store at Santa Monica Place shopping mall.

They purchased the ball and were leaving the store when the store’s manager, who has not been named, followed them outside and accused them of shoplifting. 

Stallworth explained that they had bought the ball and continued walking down the street. The manager apparently didn’t believe him and continued to follow the family before flagging down Santa Monica police officers for help.

The family was leaving the store when the manager (right) ran out and accused them of shoplifting. Stallworth explained that they'd purchased the toy but the manager didn't believe him and flagged down three Santa Monica police officers

The parents began filming the incident after at least three cops got involved.  

They finally got it back after showing their receipt to the officers. After the altercation they went back to the store for a refund. 

The family said the manager never apologized. 

‘She had zero evidence that I stole anything. She couldn’t have evidence because I bought it. She discriminated against me,’ Stallworth told KTLA. 

‘She planted an evil seed in the officer, so as soon as the officer came up to me, he said: ‘Sir, give me the stolen ball.” 

Stallworth and Dickerson hired a lawyer in response to the ‘humiliating’ incident.  

‘What we’re hoping to do is to get Nike to have some sort of understanding and meeting of the minds to find out if this was an isolated act, or is this something that is more pervasive within the society of the employees that they hire,’ attorney Stephen King said.

Nike said on Friday that it is taking the incident ‘very seriously.’ 

‘We will continue to work with our teams to ensure we deliver on our expectations for consumer experiences,’ the company said.

The couple even showed the receipt:

Part of the family's wrinkled receipt for the basketball is show above

Yikes. Ugly story, and anytime racial profile occurs it just sets our society back. Here is the couple and know one should be subject to this type of profiling or humiliation.

Stallworth and Dickerson (pictured) hired a lawyer in response to the 'humiliating' incident


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