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Grand Champion Lamb Is Under Investigation For Being Juiced Up On PEDs

Is nothing sacred anymore? Is no one above cheating? Well it seems to be the case as even Lamb now are on PEDS:

Fox News – An award-winning lamb is currently under investigation and may be stripped of its title after veterinarians at the Logan County Fair in Ohio found illegal drugs in its system.

Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) have transcended from sport to livestock, as the grand champion lamb was giving a performance-enhancing diuretic, which is banned from competition because it makes the animal’s muscles feel leaner…The grand champion lamb was reportedly showed by a young 4-H member between July 7-13 when it tested positive for the illegal drugs. 4-H is a network of youth organizations created to engage the development of young people and is administered by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Don’t lamb play for love anymore? Just kidding of course a human did this to the lamb and not sure if you read carefully but a youth! A young kid decided this was a good idea.It was injected by a member of 4-H which is a youth organization. I mean if this kid is doing this in lamb competition wait until he/she has real kids. What lengths and measures would this person go to ensure their kids win? Anyways. I am not officially done with Lamb competition watching. Nothing is sacred anymore.


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