18. 1972 Men’s Basketball Olympics

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This was the night the USA was robbed. USA basketball had been dominant in basketball since 1936 at the Olympics and had won 7 straight Gold Medal games.

But their dominance came to an end with a very surprising and controversial after they lost to The Soviet Union in one of the most if not most controversial moments in sports history.

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With three seconds left in the final, the US were leading by a single point when the Soviets called a time-out. When the buzzer ran out, the US claimed a win, but because the floor wasn’t properly cleared, the three seconds were put back on the clock.

The Soviet Union then scored a basket to win. The US team refused to take their silver medals home.

“If we had gotten beat, I would be proud to display my silver medal today,” Bantom said. “But, we didn’t get beat, we got cheated.”- US Forward Mike Bantom 


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