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Man In Ohio Gets Arrested For Locking Himself In Car To Avoid Having Sex With GF

Well, sometime’s we get stories that just make zero sense and make us say.. What?! This is one of those stories:


A man was arrested in Ohio on Thursday for locking himself in his girlfriend’s Kia Optima after refusing to have sex with her. According to the police report, authorities were called to a home where they found Khrystian Collins, 24, locked in his girlfriend’s car. Collins refused to leave the passenger seat of the car when the police arrived, instead only willing to talk to them through a small crack in the window.

Collins informed the police that his girlfriend, 18-year-old Saquoya Kinney, only wanted to have sex and felt that it was too hot in the apartment, so he was hiding from her in the car. He further informed them that he just wanted to get away from his girlfriend.

Kinney confirmed the story to the police and informed them that Collins had done the same thing one week earlier but got out of the car, in that case, to talk to the police. Collins was then informed by the police that he would have to leave the car because it belonged to Kinney, and he was technically trespassing. He refused.

After Collins resisted leaving the car, police were eventually able to gain access through the partially opened window, informing the man that he would be placed under arrest. Kinney also informed police that Collins had threatened to hit her to avoid having sex.

Collins was arrested for resisting officers, vehicle trespassing, obstruction of justice, and domestic violence. He complained of injuries by police but was later treated at a hospital and released with no confirmed injuries. He was incarcerated overnight but ordered released the following day via a personal recognizance bond of $5,000, according to a statement made to the Washington Examiner by Warren Police Lieutenant Bryan Holmes. He was charged Friday morning at the Ohio Superior Court for obstructing justice, resisting arrest, and domestic violence. 

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So many questions here. I mean one thing we must remember he didn’t lock himself in his girlfriend’s car, he locked himself in a total strangers car. Why? How much sex was the girlfriend looking to have? How old is this guy? The women being 24, must be pressuring him a lot. Not all, but many men, have the opposite problem where they either do not have a girlfriend or are the one that wants to have too much passionate time. Just a weird story overall.

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