Vlad Guerreo Jr. Bursts On National Scene With Recording Breaking Home Run Derby

Vlad Guerrero Jr. took over the baseball world with a recording break home run derby tonight. Not only did he win the derby by defeating Pete Alonso in the final round but in the first round he had a record breaking 29 home runs and tied it again in the 2nd round and also joined his father Vladimir Guerro as a home run champ. He ended up with a record breaking 91 home runs in the derby after a triple swing off round in the 2nd against Joc Pederson who also tied the record with 29 home runs in the 2nd round.

Many are calling it the best home run derby in history. And that it was. Welcome to the national scene Vlad Guerreo Jr. Oh let’s not forget he gets a hefty $1 million dollars for winning the derby.

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