US Fans Interrupt Fox News By Chanting’F**k Trump’ During World Cup Celebration

It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you belong on. But chanting NSFW words towards your the president of your country amid a celebration on one of the biggest stage, in a different country is not a good look. Yesterday, during Fox New’s coverage of The Women’s World Cup celebrations in France.

In a segment aired live on Sunday, a rowdy crowd in Lyon, France, bar could be heard chanting “f*** Trump”, while a Fox News reporter attempted to explain the historic moment to viewers back home.

“History has just been made. … We are here in a sports bar in Lyon, France,” the reporter said before the chanting began behind him.

The reporter then looked back, apparently thinking the chants would be about the US women’s national football team – “listen to it”, he said – before then turning back and attempting to ignore the chants.

This brings an end to a World Cup that wasn’t short of political controversy as the US Women’s captain Megan Rapinoe voiced her displeasure of President Donald Trump multiple times an said she wouldn’t be going to the “f*cking white house”. Whether side of the political spectrum you stand on, it’s hard to imagine chanting swear words at a President of your country while in a different country is a good look for the United States.

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