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Should El Salvador Proclaim War After We Beat Them 114-19 In Women’s Basketball

Serious question to the well being in the world. Who is more disrespectful to the World? The US Women’s soccer team’s dominance? Or The US Women’s basketball dominance? The world freaked out after Alex Morgan and the US Soccer team laid the smack down on Thailand 13-0 and now we go out and beat El Salvador 114-19. The only thing they didn’d do was beat them by 100.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 10.26.09 AM

But seriously was this even fair? I mean, how was El Salvador supposed to compete against this team? Look at this picture that sprung up before the game:

That team stood no chance. Just like Thailand stood no chance.


Honestly, it wasn’t even fair. El Salvador should proclaim war on us, this was just disrespectful. They’d probably get their ass kicked in war too but whatever, it’s just principle. Meanwhile, I’m gonna enjoy this and embrace all the Ass Whoopin’ our women are putting on the world.



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