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Drake Had The Best Night Of All Time Including Face Time Trash Talk With Steph

I’m not a fan of The Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. I am however, a fan of Drake and each and every one of his antics and his whole act this NBA playoffs. The Drake curse is lifted and after The Raptors won the title he was in full Drake form:

This was only part of the fun. After the game, Drake proved that yeah he’s actually friends with all these dudes by actually getting a FaceTime call from Steph Curry:

Lots of great things in the conversation between Drake and Steph but the best part:

“Tell Klay that even though he called me a pussy the other day, it’s all good and blessed.”

I know for damn sure, I’d probably only be answering texts and not taking calls from Drake if I was Steph. This just proves he’s a less salty dude than I am and him and Drake are really actually friends.

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