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Drew Brees In Court Over Jeweler Who Defrauded Him For Millions $$$

This wasn’t such a fun offseason for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. After the most controversial call in playoff history, the Saints were eliminated. They were one-call away from making the Super Bowl. We all could have seen a Drew Brees v. Tom Brady Super Bowl:

Brees appeared in a San Diego courtroom on Thursday with his wife for the first day of his civil lawsuit against a Southern California jeweler he claimed defrauded him out of more than $6 million by lying to them about the value of diamonds they had purchased.

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Brees and his wife filed a lawsuit against La Jolla jeweler Vihad Moradi last year, alleging that Moradi had lied to them about the value of diamonds they had hired him to find as an investment. The Breeses purchased the diamonds for $15 million, however learned later from another jeweler that that they had paid about $6 million more than they were worth, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

“Much like a real estate transaction where the broker, the agent, is paid by the seller, that was Drew’s understanding of what was going to happen and that’s what Mr. Moradi told him was going to happen,” Riley said, via the Union Tribune. “What you will learn is that Mr. Moradi was lying.”

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