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Welcome to 2019: Seahawks To Change Cheer Name From Seagals For The Males

In a world where we are not sure exactly why and who gets offended the Seattle Seahawks have changed their cheerleader team name away from The “Seagals” to accommodate their make dancers. They are now known as “The Seahawks Dancers”.

This will make some people angry. And honestly, I, myself, am not necessarily angry about this but more confused. Why is this even a topic? Couldn’t some men be on “The Seagals” and be known as “The SeaGuys”? I mean seems to be an easy fix. I mean the players on the Seattle Seahawks are not actually Hawks. And players on The Chicago Bears aren’t actually Bears. I just think this is unnecessary to be honest. Was anyone actually offended that they were called The Seagals?

Lastly the name Seagals is such a good name. I don’t necessarily think anyone was actually offended by the name right? I mean, only in Seattle and only in a 2019 can we have such a pointless name change.

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