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Welcome To Miami: Josh Rosen Spotted With SI Swimsuit Model Jasmine Sanders

Well, could this a stretch? Absolutely. But, let’s not put it past Josh who seems to do pretty well in the night life and ladies department.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 2.39.55 PM


That’s some of Josh Rosen’s past work. But the other night famous Miami nightlife mogul Dave Gruten posted a photo of Josh at hot spot Komoto hanging presumably with Josh and Jasmine Sanders:

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2 Jews and a Barbie

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Is this mean Josh is dating Jasmine? Who knows. But could it mean Josh is dating or Netflix and chilling with Jasmine? Hell yeah it could mean that. Let’s take a look at Jasmine.

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I swear I have panties on.

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No thank you, next.

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Just remember if Josh and Jasmine officially begun to date. You heard it here first.

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