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The NBA Wants To Get Rid Of The Term ‘Owner’ And It’s Ridiculous

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Man, I’m not sure if you are going to have complete time to watch this whole video. But this kind of fired me up, somehow the word “owner” when it comes to NBA owners is now racist, and they want to call it something else. We are basically reorganizing dictionaries now. If you don’t watch the whole video here are some key points by myself.

  • There are many valid examples of racism in our country, and to use fake excuses of racism it’s like the analogy of the boy who cried wolf.
  • NBA players are losing touch with their audience.
  • Many may have had bad childhoods but LeBron has been (for example) rich longer than poor
  • What do you want to call owners?
  • This will turn off a large part of the NBA audience.
  • NBA players should care about appeasing their audience or they’ll not make as much money
  • Ratings are down 20% 1998 had more 20% viewers with 50 million less people in the United States by
  • Wasting time changing terminology than facts
  • Difference between owning players than assets

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