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Soccer Team’s Celebration Party Got A Bit Weird With Strippers And Their Mom’s

What more would you want to do after winning the 7th division of The Spanish League championship then celebrate with a surprise visit from strippers while their mom’s were with them in the locker room celebrating the championship. Umm what?!

[Source] – Seventh-division Spanish soccer celebrations are just as odd as you might think.

After winning on Saturday to earn promotion to the sixth tier of Spanish soccer, Esportiu Llanca decided to celebrate with a stripper in the locker room. Judging by the video, in which the team seems more embarrassed than anything, nobody ran the idea by the players first.

Indeed, according to Diari de Girona, a local paper, some of their mothers were in the locker room at the time.

The celebration was organized by Francesc Romero, the club’s secretary, who said not only were the players unaware, but nobody knew of his plan.

What a power move by the secretary here. I mean at the end of the day I have to admit it was an admirable idea. There was probably zero idea by the secretary that the moms were going to be in the locker room so thought, “hey what’s a better way to celebrate winning the 7th best league in Spain?”. This however, could be one of the most awkward moments every. I couldn’t imagine having to pretend to not be enjoying this when my mom is in the room.

Lastly, I was trying to put in perspective what is the 7th division of The Spanish League equivalent in the United States and here is what I came up with.

Baseball’s Equivalent= Division 2 College Baseball 

Basketball Equivalent= High School Varsity

Football (not soccer)= Division 3 College

Anyways, I think we should force all the above to celebrate the same way this team did.

Romero has since apologized to the town mayor and the team captains.

“The atmosphere was very festive, nobody went too far,” Romero said. “There was cava [a white wine], laughter and joy, but (the stripper) made her spectacle calmly and when she finished, she dressed and left. Everything is normal.”

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