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Are You Mad? New York Streets Have A Solution To Your Frustrations

New York can be a tough place. While I love the Big Apple, I do know its a busy place, that sometimes has rough weather, smelly trash bags, and demanding work schedule. Well, someone has found a solution to getting your frustration out while talking a stroll on any given day; punching bags on the sidewalks.

The initiative by the Savannah, Georgia-based design collective donttakethisthewrongway was introduced as a contribution to NYCxDESIGN—or New York City Design Week 2019—as a means to allow locals and visitors alike to “release their frustrations, whatever they may be, in a safe, communal space.”

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This is AWESOME. I don't know who to thank for this – OH MY WORD – THANK YOU! We need more of this. A public punching bag! Currently on 11th Avenue and 37th (?) Street. For every crappy dog owner who doesn't pick up after their dog, for every gigantic rent payment, for every dingus who stops to check their phone directly in front of a subway station entrance, for the general lack of fresh air on this island… So much angst, so little time. ??? Sweeeeet release ?? #nycadventures #newyork #manhattan #publicpunchingbag #bestinvention #iwanttostealit #AWESOME #happyactress #actressinny #annakyrahooton #persnicketyfox #happyfilmfox #nycactor #angst #newyorkproblems #relief #exhale #problemsolved

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For all you New York Knicks fan that were waiting to get Zion Williamson, you can walk around and let your anger out on these, forget punching other people. Maybe we can get some more relaxed humans on the streets of New York.


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