Andre Iguodala Plays Basketball For Steph Now Because ‘A Motherf*cker Will Replace You And Nothing Matters’

Man, I don’t know what Steph Curry says, does, or how he acts with his teammates but shoot the guy must be the world’s best teammate. Listen to this quote on what motivates Andrew Iguodala to continue to play basketball.

A part which was not on the video but The Athletic broke down was about how replaceable you are as an athlete and as a player.

[The Athletic] – Then Iguodala broke it down. “See, here’s how it works. One day, you’re replaced. Then it’s some other motherfucker in there. And then there’s another motherfucker. And another after that. Nobody remembers anything. None of it matters!”

When asked what motivates him to keep going through the pain, Iguodala offered another reason for his perseverance: “I like Steph,” he said. “He’s a good dude, good guy to be around. That’s really the only reason why I like playing basketball. That’s the only reason why I play.”

This is something out of a movie. It seems like Steph is one likable dude, and I agree with completely with Iggy that he doesn’t quite get the respect he deserves. I have never in my life seen someone get so much slander as Steph Curry. People disrespect him everyday on the media and when you talk to fans, 90% of them don’t quite get how good Steph really is. So I’m with Iggy, I’m only rooting for The Warriors cause Steph is a good dude.

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