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Raptor Fans Are Playing With Fire By Chanting ‘Fuck Steph Curry’ And Waiting At The Hotel For Him

So much for Canadians being nice.. sheesh. The Raptor fans have given not such a nice Canadian welcome to the 2 time defending champions Golden State Warriors. The night before game 1 Raptor fans lit fireworks outside the Warriors hotel. And it seems like The Raptor fans really don’t like Steph Curry these days. After the game last night a “fuck Steph Curry” chant took to the streets.

Uh oh. Don’t poke him, I think they are playing with fire as they waited for Steph and The Warriors outside the team hotel.

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Man, Toronto you are playing with fire. I love the energy and I am absolutely enjoying the European soccer like atmosphere but c’mon guys. Take a deep breath. You are poking at the GREATEST SHOOTER IN HISTORY OF BASKETBALL. If I was a Raptor fan I’d just pretend I’m the aww shucks happy go lucky Canadian fan base and not upset Steph and The Warriors.

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