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Best Bad Idea Ever: SEC Lifts Ban On Alcohol Sales At Football Games

Oh boy. This is just awesome. Alright, I think this is going to be wildly entertaining we all love going to college football games and one of the weirdest and most unfathomable facts about that is most Division 1 conference’s ban alcohol sales at football games. But as most avid fans know the SEC’s motto is “It just means more” and ummm well I guess that means more alcohol. The SEC will lift it’s ban on alcohol Sales at football games.

Well this is going to be great. Because instead of 3rd quarter half hungover fights in the stands at SEC games like Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss we will have full on fledged drunken brawls which is really how they are supposed to be. Here are a few of our favorites of amazing behavior at SEC football games:

LSU versus Alabama should be even more wild this year.

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