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Let’s Decide Who Had The Best Post Game; Drake, Kawhi, Or Nick Nurse

The Toronto Raptors took a 3-2 series lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in The Eastern Conference finals. Game 6 is Saturday, and The Raptors can clinch their first ever NBA Finals appearance. After the game we had 3 epic interviews and we are having trouble decided who’s the best.

Let’s start with rapper, turned super fan.. Drake. Who was acting like he was the best player on the team. Drake, was in Toronto and the team was playing in Milwaukee. He also took a shot at the Milwaukee Bucks team owner’s daughter after she took a shot at him during the game.

Next we the fun guy. Kawhi. Who was asked “what’s your team’s mentality after the game” and said “I haven’t gone to the locker room yet”. He was stoic. Sounded like a robot and was really on brand.

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Finally we have The Raptors head coach Nick Nurse. Who literally wore a hat with the initials “NN”. Yup that stands for Nick Nurse.

My vote goes for Nick Nurse. That’s why I saved him for last. A head coach literally wearing a hat with his initials on it. He wins. And oh yeah. Raptors in six.

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