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Was Bill Walton High As A Kite At The Blazers Game Last Night

Who doesn’t love Bill Walton? The guy is an absolute character. If you happen to watch Pac-12 Basketball you are well aware that Bill Walton is an absolute nut and might be on some sort of narcotic 99.9% of the time. Here’s him on a live broadcast on a Pac-12 basketball game.

Anyways he was spotted at The Portland Trailblazers game with Bob Weir (founder of Grateful dead). Tie Die shirt and the look on Walton’s face pretty sure he was high as a kite.

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Man we are lucky he made this appearance in Portland last night. I promise you this guy had to be petty high. First look at his face at the end of the bench in the last minute. You can tell he’s trying to figure out how he can check in. Bob Weir (basically a rock star) is with him. 100% he’s high. And you can’t tell me otherwise.

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