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The Daily News Had Some Awesome Headlines After Knicks Don’t Land Zion

Well The New York Daily news really summed up how Knicks felt after not landing Zion Williamson in yesterday’s NBA draft lottery.

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I must admit it was pretty damn disappointing to see the #1 overall pick go to The New Orleans Pelicans who will most likely take Zion Williamson. The Knicks would have probably been the most exciting. They’d have the most exciting rookie to enter the NBA probably since LeBron in the largest market in the USA + the most historic stadium in the league. Well, I guess those dreams are shattered and the Daily News did a great job as always with their headlines. The good news for The Knicks. Well they do still get the #3 overall pick in the draft which should land them a stud (RJ Barrett) or they can trade that pick for a star. Plus, they are still the favorites to land both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. So not all is lost in New York.

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