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Video: Laker Fans Stage Saddest Protest Of All Time

You see that folks. That’s the sign of distaste. Yikes, this Lakers fan protest is the worst thing I’ve seen of all time. I mean there could be possibly a good 18-19 people there at best.

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I mean, I’m sorry. This franchise is already sad enough this off-season. After a disastrous year where The Lakers missed the playoffs with LeBron James, then Magic Johnson quit on a whim. Followed by getting rid of Head Coach Luke Walton, to botching up two head coaching candidates things I thought couldn’t get worse. They did. This is literally the saddest protest in history of all protest. Resident LeBron Fan of Sports on Tap Sami Jarjour had a ton to say about the protest as well on a Instgram TV Rant:

Things are just getting weird in Los Angeles. This one fan though is a genius and can fix it all:

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